Hey! Today I want to share something that just happened

I was hanging out with Ripse, just talking about Life, you know?, and my cat came to me meowing like asking to be petted. I realized that she has been alone since her mother died and needed some love, and I wanted to give it to her. I was wrapped in my blanket and I put my hand out to caress her. She was moving around me and meowing but not close enough for me to touch her. It was stange how she was constantly asking to be petted but wouldn’t let me do it…

Then Ripse told me that is how we approach him so many times. We want affection and we need it but we don’t allow him to touch us. We walk around looking for love and sometimes asking him directly but we don’t get close enough for him to hug us. Sometimes he wants to be with us so much because we need it, but we want it and we don’t at the same time. We love it but we are not willing to come closer.

I was wondering. And I asked, why she wouldn’t come closer. Was she seeing my hand and hearing me calling for her? So that I could do what she was asking for? To pet her, to love her, to make her feel confortable and secure… He said it was because she was afraid of me and also she was not used to it.

I realized that happens with us too. He fear God in the wrong way. We don’t know how He is. We don’t know His kindness and love for us. We don’t know that He thinks more about us than about himself, that He wants our good more than his own… Then we are afraid of coming closer to him. We don’t believe He is good… When we begin to know Him and realize His goodnes we fall in love, and run to be with someone that is in love with us too.

It’s also because we are not used to getting close to something infinitely kind, peaceful and loving, and which, however, we can not see. People around us are never 100% free to love, uncondicionaly. People always have some conditon, to be together and loving, therefore we tend to thing that with God is the same way. As we begin to be with him and we realize that He loves us without reservations, we are getting free to receive His love and Life.

This cat is not used to be petted by me, she doesn’t know how much I love her and I’m willing to care for her. Likewise, when we don’t know God we have fears and reservations that keeps us from being in Him, free and full of Life, full of His Life.

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